RESIST Final Event
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RESilient transport InfraSTructure to extreme events 

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During the event the consortium partners presented the innovative technologies developed within the project like the RESIST Platform and Integration Environment, the Aerial robots and Ground Control Station, the Structural Vulnerability Assessment, the Mobility Continuity module and more as well as the project’s pilot demonstrations’ outcomes.

 RESilient Transport InfraSTructure to Extreme Events (RESIST) is a European Commission Horizon 2020 funded research project. The overall goal of RESIST is to increase the resilience of seamless transport operation to natural and man-made extreme events, protect the users of the European transport infrastructure, and provide optimal information to the operators and users of the transport infrastructure. To increase resilience, RESIST has developed an integrated, interoperable, and scalable safety/security platform to offer high levels of resilience and secure the nearly seamless transport operation in the event of critical structures subjected to extreme events. The integrated RESIST system has already been tested at the T9-T11 Bridge in Egnatia Odos, Metsovo, Greece and at the St. Petronilla tunnel near Turin, Italy.




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RESIST Final Event Agenda

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Welcome (virtual)coffee

Welcome and Introduction

Adewole Adesiyun (FEHRL)

Welcome from the Project Officer

Sergio Escriba (CINEA)

RESIST at a Glance

Angelos Amditis (ICCS)

RESIST Innovations (Moderator: Adewole Adesiyun, FEHRL)

RESIST Platform and Integration Environment Anastasi Garbi (ED)

REDComm Communication module

Manolis Michalodimitrakis (FORTH)
Cyber Security module

Iason Somarakis (STS)

Aerial robots and Ground Control Station

Miguel Angel Trujillo (CATEC)

Guillermo Heredia (USE)

Ultrasonic sensors and computer vision systems

Luca Belsito (CNR)

Rafael Weilharter (TUG)

Ramesh Visvanathan (GUF)

Structural Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management

Stefanos Camarinopoulos (RISA)

Mobility Continuity module

Thodoris Theodoropoulos (ICCS)

RESIST System Validation & Results (Moderator: Adewole Adesiyun, FEHRL)

Detailed Inspection process flow

Margarita Kostovasili (ICCS)

Pilot 1 results (T9/T11 Bridge, Greece)

Panagiotis Panetsos (EOAE)

Pilot 2 results (St. Petronilla tunnel, Italy)

Saverio Mercurio (TECNOSITAF)

Questions and Answers


Closing remarks