1st Plenary Meeting
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RESilient transport InfraSTructure to extreme events 

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The first Plenary Meeting for the RESIST project was held on 06-07 March 2019, in Athens.

Hosted by European Dynamics, the meeting witnessed the Project Partners discuss about the progress and forthcoming activities linked to RESIST, as well as participating in Workshops and holding open debates on topics related to the project.

On the first day, a productive discussion on the Users’ requirements and specifications for the aerial robotic system on the bridge and in the tunnel under extreme events, was held, along with a talk about the overall system architecture and the RESIST platform integration.

The second day focused on identifying scenarios for each Pilot: assumption, necessary equipment, requirements for the Aerial Robotic System, monitoring system for the deformation measurement and crack identification, as well as the procedure, quick communication with the control station about the extreme physical, natural/man-made incidents or cyber-attacks. Among the many discussions, were the 1st Pilot on the T9 Bridge and the 2nd Pilot on the Millaures Bridge, in case of landslide, and a scenario for the St. Petronilla tunnel in case of strong earthquake or explosion.

1st plenary meeting RESIST ATHENS

1st plenary meeting RESIST ATHENS