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RESilient transport InfraSTructure to extreme events 

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Number Title

Dissemination Level

Delivery Month

D 1.1 Quality and Risk Management Plan PU M3
D 1.2 Internal Project Server CO M4
D 1.3 Data Management Plan PU M4
D 1.4 Innovation Management Plan  PU M6
D 1.5 Data Management Plan 1st update PU M18
D 2.1 State of the art regarding physical/ cyber damage detection/ prevention/ response/ mitigation technologies and risk analyses in the land transport sector PU M3
D 2.2 End-User Requirements and proceedings of the Workshop in Month N° 4  PU M5
D 2.3 Full specification set for RESIST system CO M8
D 2.4 KPIs, Evaluation methodology, TechnoEconomic, Env., Social analyses PU M8
D 3.1 Deterministic Structural Vulnerability CO M18
D 5.1 Architecture of the networking platform supporting secure communications CO M12
D 5.2 RESIST Cyber Security Mechanisms CO M18
D 7.1 Risk Assessment System CO M18
D 8.1 Integration Plan CO M17
D 10.1 Website of the project  PU  M4
D 10.2 Project flyer PU M5
D 10.3 Dissemination and Communication plan PU M6
D 10.4 Mid-Term Dissemination and Communication Activities PU M18
D 11.1 Early Business Plan  CO M12
D 12.1 H - Requirement No. 1 CO M1

D 12.2

POPD - Requirement No. 2


D 12.3

EPQ - Requirement No. 3